Assuming for a moment that you want to get hold of me.  These are some of the methods you could try:

Email me: x at yg dot ht

(Yes, that is a real email address!)

GPG public key:ID 0x4B2F12C41DFAA29B
MD5 Hash:
SHA1 Hash:
SHA256 Hash:
SHA512 Hash:
Old key and details available at the bottom

To prove I am who I claim to be, you can find me on

If it proves high in demand or an apocalyptic event occurs I will get out the CB radio.  I don’t yet have a fleet of carrier pigeons but this could also be arranged.

Or rather more boringly you can use this contact form:

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Old GPG public key:ID 0x8DC10F2A
MD5 Hash: 8eac6c06d8efb8088bbb5d18ead8b902
SHA1 Hash: qf6c49e8923e7bc7560a01e682985744bdd2feaa0
I believe this is now revoked everywhere

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